About Charlotte

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My name is Charlotte Buckle and I have been a lover of cameras since I can remember and now I am dappling in the profession of photography!

Here is a little bit about myself: I was born and raised in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and I am an East Coast/ Valley girl through and through. I recently moved from Brandon, Manitoba to Trenton, Ontario – a lot closer to home! I love to explore, mostly by way of hiking, and discovering the vast beauty that God has blessed us with here on Earth. I married my best friend and soulmate, Mark, in June of 2013. I am a HUGE animal lover – I cannot get enough of them! My favourite animal has always been the elephant (how can you not love those gentle giants!). Some of my other favourite things include: reading mostly non-fiction – I love me some real-life inspiration! -, binge watching everything possible on Netflix, playing Halo with Mark, getting into difficult positions on my yoga mat, taking snaps of everything (duh!), and pretending that I know how to write!
I like to keep my photography style as “real” as possible. I like for my clients to be themselves and just pretend that some crazy chick with a camera isn’t following them around! No robots here – it’s all about being your natural self! I shoot with a Canon 6D and I have currently been using my newest love, my Sigma 35mm 1.4. I am a natural light photographer and try to interfere as little as possible during my shoots.

If you are interested in having photos done or want information on pricing, just give me shout over at my contact page.

Thank you for visiting my little internet-gallery. 🙂

Photo taken by Mark Buckle 2016.




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