I am evolving (totally picture a pokemon when I see or hear that word!). With this time of change, I want to create a blog/ space where I can share my photography and my life in the most organized way. This blog feels unorganized and I feel stressed every time I look at it, haha! I know, it’s weird but that is the type of person I am. With all of that being said, I am working on a new blog, which I will share when it is ready (ouu, secrets!!). I really want to take the time to learn how to blog efficiently, and learn the technical background behind it all. Most importantly, I want to create content that makes me happy but content that I would like to read/ view myself.

This is the fourth? blog I have worked on and I want to make it perfect! So, if I post less on here, it is because I am in the process of creating something hopefully wonderful!

This photo of myself is how I want the future of my blog, my work, and my life to be. Epic and awkward. Just like me. Haha!




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