Your own backyard.

When you have moved as much as I have in the past 3 1/2 years, settling down and liking where you live is close to impossible. It took me over a year to appreciate living in the sparse and flat province of Manitoba, but I learned to love it’s differences from the East coast where I am from. There was no ocean in sight, hills and trees were far and few between, and the population is spread out like butter on toast. But I loved it and I will always have an appreciation for Brandon, MB, the city we lived near.

Now, I find myself trying so hard to like my life in Southern Ontario. There is water, there are trees, there are hills, and yet, I am having a hard time liking it. We bought our very first house here, I have a job here, but still, full happiness with this place seems out of reach most days. But there are some days, like the Sunday we went to Zwick’s park for a walk with our pups that made me see the beauty and potential for a place that I could appreciate! The lake was frozen solid which allowed for the ice fishers of the area to gather and enjoy a Sunday afternoon on the frozen water. There were families walking and skating along the white tundra of ice. And the best part about this park: the swans. We were lucky enough to capture some shots of these beautiful birds enjoying one of the few spots of flowing water. I always wondered when I would have the perfect photography moment, as if it was made just for me! This was that moment.

I am taking this moment as a sign to get out more, to see what is in my own backyard that I can capture, see, appreciate. It may not be Nova Scotia or Newfoundland or the east coast, but all of Canada is home to me.


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