Too long. (LP)

Woah. Hey there! Long time no chat.

Well, I lost track of time and here we are, 2017. Time truly flies whether you are having fun or not. These past couple of months, I find myself torn to continue on this site or start completely fresh… I still have no clue, so, until that decision has been made final, I will continue here in the meantime.

When I was back in Nova Scotia for the holiday’s, I was able to photograph my favourite family in the world. My brother, Hudson, and his family are just the greatest! Mark and I always have the best time with them and never want to part from them. My niece, Charlotte, and my nephew, Wesson, grow so fast, I cannot believe that they will be 7 and 5! And Jackie, my sis-in-law, she is the best baker in the universe! It’s because of her that Mark and I can never not gain 10lbs when she is around – no complaining here!

These are just a few photos that I captured when we home and a special appearance from my other niece, Kamael, in some of the photos (she is the one in pink)!


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