November 13, 2016 (LP)

November 11th -Remembrance Day in Canada – has always been a day I’ve honoured . People become a little more aware of what is happening around them. Their manners shine, their smiles grow and they wear their bright red poppy with pride and gratitude. We all come together on November 11th to remember the fallen and to thank those who continue to sacrifice a “normal” life to fight for our safety and freedom.

Since 2010, when I met my husband Mark, Remembrance Day has become an even more special day for me. I, along with many others, live with a hero. A selfless individual who would give up their life not only for the ones they love, but for complete strangers to ensure that we live happily and safe from harm. Mark is such an incredible human who cares so much for everyone. He works so hard for us all and I am forever grateful for him and the sacrifices that he endures.

Remembrance Day is also about the families, past and present, who support and have supported their loved ones and their demanding jobs. It is a life full of fear, stress and confusion.

To all who have fought for us, who continue to fight, and to the families, I thank you for your service, your sacrifice and all that you do for this country. ❤



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